About Us

Yellowstone Garage is an event venue space located in the heart of downtown Casper. Though the building was originally a mechanic’s garage, owner John Huff purchased the building in the late '90s as a garage for his classic car collection. The public was so impressed by the space they began requesting to rent the space for private events. Requests became so popular that Yellowstone Garage has since transitioned into a full-time venue.

Rental fees start at $2,000 per day for events with more than 100 guests, which includes table and chair rental for seating up to 200. Standard setup time is four hours prior to the event, but setup may be available the day prior to the event in some instances. A deposit must be supplied to confirm reservations.

Events serving alcohol require an additional $250 fee, and events concluding after midnight also require an additional $250 fee.

Special rates for non-profits and smaller groups are available.

Full event planning services are available.